What are you eating today??


Welcome to Nikunj – Forks and Spoons!

Hello Everyone.. I am Nidhi Aggarwal. I am a Punjabi lady born and bought up in Amritsar n Ghaziabad. Professionally am a software Engineer and I worked with NIC for 2 years. Married to a Delhite, I then became global citizen as Pankaj my husband was very fond of visiting different places. So to enjoy his passion and to enjoy my motherhood I left my job. Being a foodie I just love food n cooking and same goes for my family . I started cooking at the very small age. We sisters used to help mom in the kitchen and followed the foot step of my mom and that’s how I developed my cooking skills. We never keep maids to cook food for us. Not only for cooking food but all household activities. A foodie by nature and a passionate cook, loves everything about food. Cooking is my passion. I love experimenting with food in my kitchen and try to bring the best in whatever I cook. Thanks to my family for always motivating me n becoming my guinea pigs..I cook with all my heart and soul and this love is evident in the dishes I cook. I believe in sharing a lot thus whatever I cook I share with fellow friends and my fan followings.